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I enjoy coaching, if that’s the word for working with you and your dog to reach the ultimate partnership. Please see below the training which I can offer;

One to one Usually an hour session to help establish a training journey for you and your dog or to address a particular challenge.
Group I try to gather a group of dogs and owners that are at the same point in their journey so that the learning is shared and dogs get used to working in a mixed environment.
Residential Your dog resides at my kennels whilst he/she progresses through their training from start to finish or for specific parts of their journey, where difficulties have been experienced.

Exclusive Offer

For those of you who desire a fully trained Gundog, but do not have the time to produce the finished product, I can offer a dog of your choice  trained to a desired standard for an agreed fixed price. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions © Copyright Adniel Gundogs